Hakkei Conference

Since 2020, I am participating a joint research about Sansui which is one of traditional Chinese painting themes and mainly accepted in East Asia. In  this research, I am comparing and contrasting the traditional nature environment as well as the urban structure, in order to explore the modern significance of Sansui. Recently, I focus on Xiaoxiang Hakkei paintings, one of the representative works of Sansui and think about the present through fieldwork on several places named Hakkei (eight views) . It is said that the idea of eight views was widely spread during Edo period and we have more than 1,000 places named eight views here in Japan. In addition, the new eight views were selected in 1920s and that is considered as the origin of tourism to appreciate nature. They are famous and popular, however some already lost its views due to changes. Similarly the eight views in Taiwan have been repeatedly changed. There are so many eight-views places that you can visit now, but they are quite various. Hakkei seems to have a different charm from the Western landscape view in that it includes not only natural objects and buildings but also dynamic elements such as weather and time. I hope to realize this as a workshop for a wide range of generations who discover the scenery of overlooked places and everyday life at a certain moment.